Terms of Use

1. Definitions

  • Administrator - Netnave Studio, TAX ID: NIP PL6252433902
  • Operator - PayPal payments operator,
  • Store - online CNCtoolsWorld.com store,
  • Product - any application from the store, delivered as .exe installation file,
  • Customer - store user.

2. Store usage

  • Customer is not obliged to register for store-browsing or shopping-list creation,
  • Offline customers can subscribe to the newsletter after having confirmed their e-mail addresses (clicking on the activation link in e-mails received),
  • When a customer is ordering products, they are obliged to fill up their personal data (necessary for one's payment, VAT invoice issuance and being assigned to the product license),
  • After filling up all the fields required, the customer has to execute the order with the operator website (PayPal payment),
  • Checkout and payment are secured by a stable SSL connection (in our store and operator website),
  • Customer may pay with an express PayPal transfer or using their bank account debit card; after this, the store will automatically share the download link,
  • When the customer pays with their bank account debit / credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other PayPal approved options,
  • We store all the transactional information - there is no possibility for mistakes to occur; the administrator is able to check every transactional status and proceed with troubleshooting at any moment,
  • In the case of bugs on the operator's website (PayPal), the transaction will be resumed as soon as possible by the operator. All the information about transactions and complaints are available in the operator's policy. See also: PayPal Policy,
  • Customer agrees to receive their invoices via the electronic means only.

3. Privacy policy

  • Customers have the right to inspect their own personal data, correct or delete them,
  • You can read more information about how your personal data is used in our Privacy Policy,
  • Customer is able to abort their newsletter subscriptions at any time, except when using the 5% discount promotion (in this case, the customer may abort the newsletter subscription by using the hyperlink contained in the first e-mail),
  • Customer data is neither shared with any 3rd parties, nor used for marketing purposes (except when customer has subscribed to the newsletter),
  • Personal data is not visible except inside the administrator system, when the data isn't used in the case of VAT invoices or to proceed with the customer contact in case of any technical issues,
  • When the customer has ordered a product, the customer personal data are written into the product license and will be visible in the customer product copy properties.

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