Affiliate program


  1. You start with a 50% commission of all orders made from your URL,
  2. The current commission offer expires 2016-12-31,
  3. By joining the program now, we guarantee you 50% commission up to one year,
  4. New partners, registered from your unique URL, gives you an additional 10% commission of their orders,
  5. The first payoff is available after 5 products sold,
  6. Next payoff can be made at any time, regardless of your sales,
  7. Payoffs are made up to 24 hours,
  8. Your bank account data or PayPal account are not necessary to join the program; it will be required at first payment,
  9. When you join the program, you will receive access to your partner panel with statistics, your own unique partner URL and sample banners, ready to use on your websites,
  10. We store the data of your customers with cookies and IP addresses. This data will help us identify your client again when he comes back to our website (eg. with another browser) and orders a product,
  11. Your commission will be accounted right after we receive the payment from your client.

By joining the affiliate program, you accept this policy.

I'm joining the program

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