• Vector Linker

    Vector Linker

    license for 1 computer

    Available platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)
    Languages: english, polish

    Price: $99,- Download now!

    Vector Linker is the only one application in the world which lets you automatically (or manually) combine elements to prepare them for styrofoam thermic cutting.

    Vector Linker prepares vector graphics for styrofoam thermic cutting. Main application features:
    - opening and saving formats: hpgl (*.plt), *.svg, g-codes (*.tap), *.dxf,
    - optimized automatic linking (joining) of elements,
    - manual linking (joining) of elements,
    - simulation of cutting paths with speed settings,
    - quick, simple and user-friendly interface (you can easily move or zoom-in/zoom-out elements using the mouse scroll).

    Vector Linker is an essential tool needed in workshops with cutters and other CNC machines.



    Download now!

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    Price: $99,- Download now!


  • The software makes one work easier in an excellent way. The new version has been professionally polished up. It enables one to set the initial point in a convenient place, there is also a drawing speed slider and handy measurement lines thanks to which it’s possible to inspect if during the export of files their dimensions have been properly saved.

    There is a useful window visible, showing the recently opened files once we open the programme.

    Peter Mik
    PUH Company owner in Poland
  • I’ve already used the former version of Vector Linker and would be satisfied with it, the software worked great.
    The new version is really awesome – I’ve saved tens of hours completing my projects faster.

    Due to the fact that the software of V Linker type has previously been barely present in the market, whatever programmes existed, they would be tightly integrated with plotters and their drivers, as offered by a few producers. I would do the track programming manually for a couple of years and despite having gained a lot of ‘skill’ due to this, the VL software has already saved me a dozen-or-so hours.
    The most significant question for me is the ability to set both the initial and final lines of G-code. We operate various machines, having a variety of settings for engine dynamics, among others. In my case, the ability to set the cutting speed in the first row without having to ‘dig’ in the code is a great solution, not to mention the last row where it is possible to switch off the contractor of the power supply circuit for the wire (heating) with a proper command line. It means that after the cutting process is over, the wire is powered down and it’s not necessary to stand by the thermal overload relay and keep an eye on it so it does not burn up a hole anywhere.
    Vector Linker has been proven as ideal for use with a several dozen of projects I completed. It’s worth every money spent!!!

    Andrew Walczak

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